An Extremely Easy Way to Remember Difficult Passwords

How to create easy to remember password

One of the most common ways that hackers break into computers is by guessing passwords with a bot. Simple and commonly used passwords enable intruders to easily gain access and control of your computing devices like laptop, mobile phone and whatnot. On the other hand, a difficult-to-guess password makes it prohibitively difficult for hackers to … Read more

Is SSL Certificate Important?


Have you visited a site and received a “Not Secure” warning? The reason for this warning is because the owner of the site hasn’t installed an SSL Certificate. The site’s URL starts with a “http:” instead of “https:” A few years back, it was still ok to not have any SSL certificate installed on your … Read more

Why Most Websites Are a Waste of Money

Because they are designed for the wrong audience. You! In a typical meeting with a web designer, the discussion is usually about the look and feel of the website you like. Nothing much about the customers you’re serving. It’s all about how good the website should look, nothing much about how easy it is to … Read more